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04 / 2009
Tetenal distributes AgfaPhoto Multimedia Cleaner

Norderstedt/Overath, April 2009. Tetenal AG & Co. KG in Norderstedt/Germany and CCM GmbH
in Overath/Germany have agreed a strategic partnership regarding sales of the new AgfaPhoto
Multimedia Cleaning Range.

CCM GmbH is the licencee of AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH for special cleaning products in the field
of consumer imaging.


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04 / 2009
Protenal – the new transparent protective varnish from Tetenal
Perfect finishes for high quality Ink Jet prints

Stylish canvas prints are becoming increasingly popular as more and more consumers use them as decorative centrepieces in their homes. ...


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03 / 2009
All good things come in THREEs:
Tetenal has won DIMA Award for the 3rd time for its spectra jet ink jet papers

Las Vegas, March 2009.Tetenal has won the competition in the ink jet paper category “Media 24 Inches Wide or Larger” with its spectra jet 250 g Photo Silk Paper at this year’s Digital Printer Shoot-Out at the PMA Show in Las Vegas (March 3-5, 2009). ...


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09 / 2008
Algenex Colour gets rid of algae:
the efficient solution for the problem of “algae” at a photographic lab.

September 2008.Photographic lab operators are well aware of the “algae” problem, as organic sludge forms in the washing tanks of their photographic processors. Most of these are sludge bacteria and mould, while algae are rather rare. However, the problem is always the same, as it leads to process malfunctions, soiled prints and films and, in particular, a highly unpleasant smell of stagnant water. As a result, expensive working hours are lost on manual cleaning and maintenance – a problem which operators can well do without. ...


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09 / 2008
What’s the opposite of worries? - Profit!

With the Kodak Adaptive Picture Exchange System (APEX), Tetenal and Kodak are now giving the photographic trade greater independence and better margins....


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01 / 2013
Tetenal spectra jet Premium Silk 290 g - High End ink jet media for Studios

Norderstedt, January 2013 - Tetenal is starting the year off by launching a new high end premium silk ink jet paper specially designed for professional demands in the portrait and...