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Recently, the opening of the SilvergrainClassics Studio/Lab in Germany gave Marwan El-Mozayen, editor-in-chief of PhotoKlassik International and co-owner of the lab, the chance to organize an impressive meeting of the minds. Since he had planned to invite key players to the opening event anyway, there was an opportunity to let company leaders interact with members of the film community and also speak among themselves to discuss planning for the future. A happy coincidence saw Lina Bessonova travelling through Germany at the same time, and she was recruited to moderate the discussion for a live-stream on her channel. The guest list was a veritable who’s-who of the film business in Europe: Mirko Böddecker of ADOX, Johannes Bockemühl of JOBO, Klaus-Peter Richter of Gossen, Jürgen Heiland of Heiland Elektronik, Karl Hudson of Hudson Grafik Services, and representing the oldest company, TETENAL, was a “newbie” in film circles, Peter Rasenberger.

(For those of you that haven’t been keeping up with the Tetenal story, you may want to start here,, where I wrote a brief summary of the dramatic recent events surrounding the pillar of our film community. For a more in-depth look, PhotoKlassik International will be featuring a story about the saving of Tetenal in issue II/2019.)

Among the many connections and ideas that came out of the Silvergrain Classics event was an inspiration for Tetenal which had been floating around in Marwan El-Mozayen’s head. Knowing that the company was in the process of changing its focus to include end-users in addition to large labs, he suggested that one item that could be resurrected from the long list of Tetenal products was a press kit for developing films; or more specifically, the developer tablets that had been contained in the kit. The idea was picked up enthusiastically by Rasenberger and others within TETENAL.

An effervescent tablet form of E6 and C41 developer chemicals would have many advantages. First and perhaps foremost, a tablet has an almost unlimited shelf life and requires extremely little storage space. For home users with small darkrooms, this would ease storage space problems and eliminate wasted liquid chemicals that had “gone bad” in the time between developing one batch of film until the next. Most photographers today order online rather than trotting down to their local store, and tablets have the advantage of being much more cost-effective to ship, too. For fans of mobile lab developing boxes, what better way to bring along your developer! Just add water on-site, no measuring of different components or worrying about leaks on the way. Environmentally, the tablets would also be more responsible since they cut down on both shipping space/weight and also waste chemicals.

The challenge is to get the tablets from the idea stage into an online catalogue. Although TETENAL produced the tablets until the beginning of the millennium and still has the necessary know-how and production facilities, it would still involve a lot of work to adapt the pre-existing product to today’s market. New regulations would have to be evaluated and adhered to, and new sources would need to be found for raw materials. SilvergrainClassics and TETENAL are in the beginning stages of evaluating the demand for the tablets to see if the investment would be justified. The idea of crowd-funding an initial offering is seen as a probable way forward, and things are moving quickly.

What do you think? Would you be interested in buying your developer in tablet form? Do you have suggestions for the team who are developing the idea?

Tetenal Classics

Photographic Chemistry for Beginners and Experienced Users

In our photographic chemistry category, you can find a selection of Tetenal’s own
established black and white & color classics.

Amongst the most popular products in color processing are our Colortec kits for negative,
paper and reversal processing. Another classic is the Neofin Blue one-shot developer for
black and white negatives which provide exceptional sharpness. Also, try the
Eukobrom/Eukobrom AC paper developer for intense shadows and shining highlights.

A fresh addition to the product range of New Tetenal are the gold and sepia toners by
Creative Design. The nostalgic spirit of sepia is still very popular in black and white
photography. Also, don’t miss out on the incredibly quick high-performance fixer Superfix
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lab tools which will make your analog photography life easier – like our Antistatic Spray,
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Take a moment to relax and get fascinated by stunning creativity – Welcome to New
Tetenal, your specialist for analog photography!

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Tetenal ProChem

Only the Highest Quality for Professionals

To provide the best products for every professional application, our Tetenal ProChem range
consists of three different segments:

  • Monoline: One-part chemistry for photographic processing in smaller rooms
  • Compactline: Chemistry inside cartridges for minimal waste
  • Professionalline: For professional labs and photo book producers

Specific solutions for economic efficiency and convenience

“Less is more” is the leading idea behind our Monoline products. To prevent mix-ups and
other possible mistakes, we combined multiple parts into one single concentrate. Simply add
the Monoline color developer to the stop bath to get your regenerator. You can combine it
with all bleach and stabilizing baths. The Tetenal Monoline products are easy to handle and
economically efficient.

The Tetenal Compactline is especially tailored to the minilab systems by Frontier and the d-lab series. The cartridge system offers pleasant convenience when filling and refilling
chemicals and is even appropriate for untrained personnel. Their compact size saves great
amounts of storage space. Also included is the Super Stabilizing Bath which is particularly
resistant against algae and microorganisms. There’s no need for external mixing containers
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To deliver the best possible quality to our commercial clients, the Tetenal Professionalline offers the perfect products for every part of the process. We take a great variety of packaging sizes, quantities and parameters into account to ensure that all of our professional clients find what they need.

Tetenal CineLine

Even Hollywood Uses Tetenal

The Tetenal Motion Picture Chemicals include much more than only chemistry kits for
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We supply film and motion picture labs with solid and liquid resources which we also use for the creation of our own products. This way, our clients are able to mix baths that are suited to their needs. By conducting strict quality checks, Tetenal guarantees the best resources possible.

If you want to avoid the costs and effort of developing your own solutions from scratch, we
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When bleach and fixation baths need to be recycled, Tetenal provides the refreshing
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